CASE STUDY – Ooredoo Oman- Industrial Park Solar Lighting
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Product Used: X5 Series | Description: 20W LED, 55W solar panel, 230WH battery

Location: Ooredoo Company Oman, data center



Ooredoo Oman is an Omani telecommunications company. It is the Sultanate’s first privately owned telecommunications company, and serves two million customers as of August 2010. It sells voice and data services over, among others, 2.75G, 3G+, WiMAX and fibre. Since 2010, it has been listed at the Muscat Securities Market, and is the fourth largest telecom company by market capitalisation.

The project is the first PBOX installation in Oman, and It's one of the data centers of Ooredoo Company.


For Ooredoo data center, three main requirements stood out:

Reliabilities: This was important for the Ooredoo to ensure the lights remained working and didn’t leave the datacenter in the dark. AL MUHANDIS sought an established, proven solution, making PBOX a good fit since PBOX has more than 3,000 outdoor lighting installations around the world.

Proof of Performance

With more than 10 years history of solar lighting technology, also PBOX provides 3 years waranty, which gives AL MUHANDIS the confidence that PBOX solar lighting is reliable lighting solution

Lights Levels

AL MUHANDIS also sought lighting that would meet the IES light level standards for street lighting, a feature that today’s solar street lights, including PBOX, are able to meet and often exceed


Our Solution

Split type 20W LED , 55W solar panel with 230WH battery



“This is our first cooperation with AL MUHANDIS INTEGRATED GROUP , the first case show in Oman ,will install more and more in future”

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