How to choose solar lamp?
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When we´re talking about choosing solar lamp, the quality is always the first factor that we will consider. Because the overall quality not only decide luminous effect, but also his service life.

Before we select solar lamp, it’s necessary for us to be aware of those parts which constitute the whole: lamp (light source), pole, solar panel, controller and storage battery.

The lamp is the light source of the entire streetlight. The quality of the light directly determines the lighting effect of the lighting. Nowadays, LED lamps are widely used as lamps for solar lanterns due to their durability, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. However, low quality LED lighting have severe light decay, and it won't be long before the light is weak. The lens also plays an important role: the intensity and transmittance of the light transmitting mirror affect the lighting effect of the LED light.

Anti-corrosive materials commonly used in posts. The material of the pole determines its useful life and affects the lighting effect of the lamppost. Therefore, the height and the separation of the posts must be calculated and tested repeatedly to achieve good lighting and high uniformity. In this case, it is necessary to develop a customized lighting solution based on the specific lighting needs of the different roads.

Regarding the solar panel, it is mainly classified into three types: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. Among them, the first provides the highest conversion rate. That is, solar panels made of monocrystalline silicon can convert more sunlight into electrical energy. Solar panels are also divided into double faces and single faces. Double-sided solar panels generate electricity on both sides to maximize energy in a limited space. Some low quality solar panels are made of fragmented tablets and inefficient chips, with low conversion rates and short life.

The position of the controller in the whole system is quite important. If the controller is not good, it will lead to inefficiency and possibly affect the life of the battery, even burn the battery plate. A good controller can issue different commands in different periods of time to adjust the lamp operation mode to save electricity and protect the battery.

The battery determines how long the lamp continues to operate. Lead and acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are more common for solar street lamps. Compared to lead and acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have a long service life, high discharge rate (up to 90%) and easy installation. Compared to the ternary battery, which is also a lithium battery, high temperature intolerance is its biggest drawback. Therefore, the best battery for solar street lamps is the lithium iron phosphate battery.

Moreover, it needs to be accurately calculated the power of LED lights and matched solar panels, and its battery capacity. The wrong combination will affect the efficiency and life of the solar lamps.

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