Namibia Oshakati Town-Solar LED street light replaces the HPS lamp
Date: 2020-01-20 Hits: 1220

Location: Main road in Oshakati town, Namibia

Distributor: Smart World Information Technologies cc

Product Used: X5 Plus solar street light|130W PV, 615 Wh battery, 60W LED


Oshakati town has two entrances. Or rather where it says "Welcome to this town". The existed street lamps used the HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp to light the main road, which is dark not bright enough, and every year the town municipality need to spend about N$3million on street lights electricity.


It’s the main road lighting that requires more brightness, to replace the existed HPS lamp 150W.

Our Solution:

In order to provide high efficient green lighting solution, minimum maintenance and zero carbon emission, PBOX proposed the X5 Plus solar street light with 60W LED, 130W PV and 615Wh battery, which makes sure of the perfectly lighting effect, white color with more brightness, and keep using the old lamp pole equipped double lights in the middle to light the two-way four lane road.


“PBOX solar street light is more stylish and with better performance compared to the local solar lights. We’re so satisfied seeing the lighting effect which is bright with excellent light uniformity! If there’s a chance, we’ll consider replacing all the HPS lamps with solar powered LED street lights.”

---- Officer of Oshakati town municipality


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