Wide Applications of Solar Street Lights
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The development of solar street lights have changed our understanding and view of street lights. Traditional street lights are generally designed for pure lighting illumination, with no concern of the appearance of street lights, and requires cabling and trenching to install. Which is a greater consumption on both manpower and material resources? On the basis of retaining the main functions of traditional street lights, solar street lights can optimize the easy installation and appearance, saving on both installation cost and time, which makes the solar street light suitable for a variety of outdoor lighting applications.

There are high requirements on solar panels, brackets and brightness of common solar street lights, such as solar panels with a higher conversion rate of light energy, high strength, corrosion and rust but relatively lightweight brackets or soft but high brightness lamp. These solar street lights with high basic requirements can be used in various public places such as highways, rural streets, suburban roads, parking lots, outdoor stadiums, seaside and ports.

In addition, for manors, parks, scenic spots, tourist camps and other places, they need solar street lights with good function and certain appearance. During the day or when there is enough light, solar street lights can be used as decorations for the environment. At night or when the light is dim, this solar street light can play its own function to illuminate the whole night.

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