Is It Worthy to Invest in Solar Car Park Lights?
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What kind of lighting solutions are worthy to invest when a new commercial site is completed or an existing outdoor parking lot needs to be replaced with lighting equipment? Thinking about the cost, environmental protection, ease of installation, safety performance and other factors, we recommend using PBOX solar car park lights.

1. Less Cost & Higher Efficiency

Solar car park lights cost less in installation since there is no need to destroy and repair the existing facilities. And there is also no need to lay a lot of cables. In addition, solar car park lights work by converting solar energy to electricity, so you need not pay high electricity bills for a long time. When solar energy is sufficient, the solar lights will store it and discharge to illuminate when it is dark.

PBOX solar car park lights are equipped with high conversion solar panels, high efficiency LED chips and smart control system, which can make the lights work normally in rainy days and have a long service life.

2. Environmental Protection

As it is said above, solar car park lights work by converting solar energy to electricity, so it is environmentally friendly that no carbon dioxide and other air pollutants will be produced.

3. Easy for Installation

There is no need to lay a lot of underground cables when installing a solar car park light. You just need to dig holes, lay the foundation, adjust the angles of the solar panels and LED lights, and complete the assembly of other accessories.

No cumbersome installation steps and no need for lots of construction machinery and equipment.

4. High Safety Performance

Once the solar car park lights are installed, there is no need for long-term maintenance, reducing the possibility of accidents during the maintenance process.

In summary, it is worthy to invest in solar car park lights for large-scale commercial venues, logistics parks and other places with outdoor parking lots. 

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